And the winners are . . .

First, let me explain why some of the cards have multiple winners...since the contest originated as a "facebook" contest, I felt that those people that participated on facebook before I changed the contest rules should be rewarded, so I drew from those names separately. Either way, you all had pretty good chances of winning.

Thank you all for participating and for all the great comments that were left - any of you who did participate are entitled to any of the templates that you didn't win at 1/2 price until this coming Wednesday. Enjoy your templates!

Without further ado...the winners are...

template #01 ~ Sarah Raanan (fb) & rlorky
template #02 ~ Melissa Brown (fb) & flute4peace
template #03 ~ joseegert
template #04 ~ Melissa Brown (fb) & summeranns
template #05 ~ Melissa Brown (fb) & rachel
template #06 ~ Shawn Bashaw (fb) & karly k
template #07 ~ jan
template #08 ~ Melissa Brown (fb) & angie
template #09 ~ Shawn Bashaw (fb) & Nicole
template #10 ~ Shawn Bashaw (fb) & shawna

If your name is listed above, please e-mail me and I will send you a link to download your template!