One Year Sweet...

In celebration of dear little Kaylee Jo's 1st birthday, I created this card for her mommy to use for a thank you card.



This template now for more non-holiday templates to come!

...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet Kaylee ya, sweetie!

It should be illegal...

to use such a snazzy looking logo! LOL Just kidding.

Stacey Steel contacted me about designing a logo for her business, Steel (a play on her last name, ha ha) the Moment Photography. After a few tries, we finally narrowed it down to this one.

If you're in California and looking for a photographer, don't forget to check out Stacey at

Good luck with your business, Stacey. Thanks for making me a part of your design process. I wish you the best!

a sleek, sophisticated logo

Last week I received this e-mail from Kia Hinz:

"I recently came across your work and love what I saw. I am starting a business in Chicago as a children's contemporary portrait photographer, and wonder if you would be able to help me create a logo? I have been looking forever for someone to create my vision of a sleek, sophisticated and timeless logo (to be used for website, business cards, stationary, etc) but have yet to find exactly what I am looking for."

So, after finding out a bit more of what she was looking for in a logo, we finalized her logo today and in her words, " is p e r f e c t!..."

Without further ado, here's the winning logo:

If you're in the Chicago area and looking for a photographer for your kiddos, be sure to give Kia Hinz a call! 312.492.6777 or 773.510.0821

Thanks, Kia, for allowing me to work along-side of you to create this beautiful logo.
You were a pleasure to work with. I wish you the best!

The wait is over!!!

And the winner, drawn from a bowl by my daughter - she thought it was quite fun and drew everyone's name before it was all over, but since it doesn't work that way...the winner is

(Sorry, didn't have your name.)
You need to let me know if you want the prize package or not by Sunday, September 16th at 6pm Central time.

For those who didn't win, keep checking out the blog, I will be posting a no-purchase-necessary contest in the next week, I'm just thinking of some fun guidelines.

ROYALTY FREE music at a great price

Looking for that perfect song for your website or slideshow?

Just thought I'd share a site with you that I've used in the past and been very happy with...Stock20.

They have a large assortment of music and their prices are great (all selections are $7) - best of all, it's free to join so you can look around and see if something catches your ear!

YAY for me...and you!

The site move/update/clean-up is DONE! Did you hear my huge sigh of relief?

The site is now up and running (hopefully smoothly!)

Thanks to all of you for your patience during all of this!

As a token of my appreciation, I've got a special offer (good for three days only) for everyone...
Sorry, this offer has ended. Please check back soon
to see any new discounts or contests.

...and for the cherry on top...

I will take the names of everyone who took part in this special offer and one person will win the entire kit and caboodle (and their money back)...yes, that's right, every action, all the storyboards, the border sets, and the holiday 2007 card templates! What more could you ask for???

This purchase is limited to one "complete" purchase per person - no signing up to buy each item separately to raise the number of buyers. Discount not valid on the purchase of printed items. This offer ends at 6pm central time on Friday, September 14th. (To make it easier to keep track of how many we have taking part in this offer, please enter your name in the comments below, even if you e-mail your request or purchase online.) Discount Code:OGD-YAY

Do I see a light???

I'm sure nobody is near as anxious as I am for the site to be up and running...completely done...well, it's getting close - all the links are working now, except my sample galleries for the business pieces and the ads, my border sample gallery and a few of the client proof galleries that need to be cleaned up and reposted. YAY! I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel!

In celebration of the update completion I will be offering a special deal on a few things, so check back soon for the details!

New web addy, same great designs...with style!

Sorry to anyone who is trying to visit my website right now - I'm switching my site from to and since I have to reupload everything anyway, I'm reorganizing my files and stuff as I do it...all that to say - my site will be down for a couple days while I do the cleaning. I'm still available for design work, so don't hesitate to e-mail me with any questions. I will post on the blog when my new site is up and running!


Something to tide you over...

My website will be going down very shortly, as I'm in the process of changing my web address, but thought I'd post a few recent designs to tide you over until it's up and running again!


Jaime specializes in children and family portraits and was looking for a fun logo that centered around a beach theme. Watch the blog for the rest of her design pieces.


Lindsay needed an ad that featured various samples of her work and that could double as her business card. This ad was designed for use in a local school's yearbook.


Andrea was looking for a simple, eye-catching logo with clean lines and simple fonts.


This business needed something high-tech that had great contrast that made the
logo really pop. He was looking for something that would look sharp embroidered
on shirts as well as on stickers and business pieces.