the small print

How can I get in touch with you?

P.O. Box 258
Glasford, IL 61533

e-mail: tlr.designer(at)
(I apologize for the lack of a link, but I'm tired of spam and junk mail.)

What are your hours?

I'm available Monday through Friday from 9am to 2pm Central.

I reserve evenings, weekends and holidays for spending time with my family and Sunday's for worship and family time. Please allow 1-2 business days for returned phone calls and e-mails. If you haven't received a response from me within about 48hrs, please check your bulk mail or spam box.

I'm in XX state, what's the time difference from me to you?

Good question. I didn't know, so I looked it up. I'm in the Central time zone.

Pacific = 3pm | Mountain = 4pm | Central = 5pm | Eastern = 6pm

I bought your actions, but how do I load them into PhotoShop?

Under "Windows" select "Actions" - this will open the action palette. There is a small triangle in the upper right corner of your actions palette. Click it. You will get a menu that shows your actions that are in your PhotoShop folder now. If you don't see the actions that you just downloaded, choose "Load actions". Browse to wherever you saved the actions to on your computer. (ie: My Documents, Desktop, etc). Select the action, and click "Load" or "OK", depending on which version of PhotoShop you have. Now your action should appear in your action palette!

I bought your brushes, but how do I load them into PhotoShop?

Go under My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop CS2 (or whichever version you use) > Presets > Brushes – That’s where I save the actual .abr brush file.

Next, in your Photoshop application, go under Edit > Preset Manager… make sure that your “Preset Style” selected is “Brushes” then click on “Load…”. (At this point, hopefully it’s already opening to your Adobe Photoshop Presets Brush file, but if not, you need to locate it.) Pick the .abr brush file you want to load and click on OK. When you’re done loading brushes, click on “Done”.

Now, when you click on your brush tool and go up under your brush pallet you should see the brushes you just loaded.

What are the Terms of Use (TOU) on your templates, papers, storyboards, actions, etc?

You can use my products in your photography or design business to create custom cards, layouts and invitations for your clients as long as the client only receives the final, flattened version of the product...what's that mean? It means that you cannot send your client a fully layered psd or tif file or any individual element files used.

You may also use my products on your website design and blogs, however, credit must be given on each site they are used on unless a commercial license is purchased. This includes e-bay and etsy pages. {graphics used were designed by Trisha Robertson at}

Purchase of my products does not allow you to claim them as your own design, even if you have altered them. You may not redistribute them for free or charge in any format, including use in a template that you have made to sell to other designers. If you wish to use my products in a template you are going to sell, Limited Commercial Licenses are available for a small fee on a case-by-case scenario. Please inquire.

I purchased an action (or template, or border) and cannot get it to open in my version of PhotoShop. Can I get a refund?

Sorry. No. Due to the nature of my products, refunds cannot and will not be issued. If there is any question about if a product will work with your version of PhotoShop, please inquire prior to purchase.

I had business cards (or postcards, or brochures, etc) printed through you and am not happy with the colors. What can we do?

I strive to provide quality products, but cannot guarantee the print color on a printed product will match what you have seen on your computer's monitor. Products are not printed in-house, rather they are sent to an off-site printer.

Due to variations in calibration of computer monitors, there is no way to guarantee that what I see on my screen is what you see on your screen. I do have my monitor calibrated to the printing companies that I use, so I know what the product will print like. I will reprint the product if there is a major error, but please be advised that I cannot reprint because you are unhappy with a color choice or if there is a proofing error that was missed during your final proofing before printing.

Because of the calibration issues, I do not color correct photos sent by the clients in any way. Be advised that if there is a bright/hot spot or a dark shadow on your photo, it will show up even more-so in the printed piece. If in doubt, don't have me print them, just have me send you your final file to have printed yourself.

If you have a question that is not addressed, please feel free to e-mail or call me.