"Who's that?"..."Is that someone famous?"

If you had seen this gorgeous girl being followed around downtown Springfield by a bunch of photographers, you might have been like the other people that spotted us...trying to figure out why she had a paparazzi of photographers following her...Who was she? She was none other than Emily, our Senior model that Kim lined up for us for our final day of Smootfest 2007. She was awesome. Never complained once and did everything that was asked. Isn't she beautiful?
So, for those of you who don't know, this weekend I spent some time with several great photographers from all over the area. Even though I haven't been doing as much photography as of late, I learned tons of great stuff and cannot wait to incorporate it into future photography sessions. Thanks everyone for sharing your techniques, knowledge and talent with everyone, I cannot wait for Smootfest 2008! Thanks, Kim, for putting up with all of us and for everything you do!
Also, a special thanks to Jana for a wonderful dinner and for showing us all the great things that have come out and are coming out! Hope everyone had a safe trip home and gets rested up...see you next year!

Out of Town...

Just an FYI for any clients...past, present, or future...I'll be out of town from this Friday, October 26th, until Sunday, October 28th. I'll be checking e-mails and returning phone calls on Monday.
Until then, hope you all have a great weekend!

taking a look back!

This year's theme for the Glasford Baptist Ladies' Christmas Tea is "It Was a Simple Gift of Love Commanded the Course of the World." The ticket is Glossy coated on a smooth card stock, but appears to have a texture on it, giving it a scrapbook feel. And I'll be the first to tell you that the online version of this doesn't do justice to how awesome it looks printed!

I thought it would be fun to take a look back at all the tickets from the Ladies' Tea over the past several years. Enjoy!

Toddler Style...?

While taking Caitlin's senior pictures, I happened to catch this moment while Bella was posing.

and this one of Lili Jo...

Hmmmm...Daddy's gonna be in BIG trouble when they get older!

Senior Style...

Let me just start out by saying that it's going to take me a bit to get through all your pictures...but if you can't find a picture that you like, I'll be shocked! Anyways, so far, this is my fave. Although it was VERY hard to pick. Enjoy...and g'night!

B.O.G.O. Sale!

Starting today and ending on Thursday, October 11th, everything on my site is

Buy One, Get One 1/2 Price

If we reach 8 buyers, the sale will change for the benefit of everyone...everyone gets their items as Buy One, Get One FREE instead of 1/2 price! Post your request in the comments below (please be sure to add your contact information).

Invoices will be sent out on Friday, October 12th or once we hit 8 buyers, whichever comes first.
Don't you just love B.O.G.O. sales!!!
Discount Code: BOGO10

The small print...
1/2 price or FREE item must be of equal or lesser value. This sale includes, but is not limited to, templates, borders, overlays, logo design and other design services. This offer excludes all printing prices. Due to the nature of the products and services I offer, there will be no refunds offered, so please ask in advance if you have any questions.
This sale is open to anyone and everyone, so feel free to share this with any of your friends on any forums. The sooner we reach 8, the sooner everyone can start getting their purchases! Happy shopping!

Pick of the Patch...Punkin that is!

Inspired by my daughter's favorite Halloween movie, Spookley the Square Pumpkin, this 5x7 card template is sure to please square and round punkins alike!
Font used is Sketchy Times

Spooky Halloween Card

A new card template, just in time to show off your favorite ghost or goblin!

This is set up as a 5x7 card template, text can be easily changed or moved around.
Fonts used are Inspiration and Love Letter Typewriter

Don't forget to check the website for more Halloween templates!

Mail Server Upgrade

I will be unable to send and receive e-mail from my orangegeckodesigns.com account from 7:30pm - 2:00am on Tuesday, October 9th. If you send one during those times, it will be sent to me after 2am, so I won't be responding to it until Wednesday morning. Just wanted to let you know.

A classic take on a new logo.

Rachel Cohara e-mailed me the other day to say how much she loves the different designs I've done for logos and to see if I would be interested in working on her logo as well.
After finding out a bit more about Rachel and her business, we worked on a few concepts. Here's the one she ended up deciding to use.

If you're in the area of Brunswick Hills, Ohio, give Rachel a call to schedule an appointment 440.724.9569.

Thanks for being such a great client. I enjoyed working on your designs!
Good luck with your business!

Last night's senior session...

Shot some pictures of Dannyel on the railroad tracks here in town for her senior pictures. I think they all turned out great, but this is my favorite.

You have to kiss a few frogs...

to find your prince charming...

...just make sure they don't pee on you!

Something fun for you...

no, I didn't design this, but I wish I had. I just thought I'd post it here for all my friends, family, and clients to enjoy as well. I think all parents (and kids) can relate to it!

Here's the link to the Pachelbel Bedtime song on youtube

I would so buy these on cd!

And one the moms can relate too as well...

Bold, fun and funky!

Michelle was looking for a fun, funky logo in all different colors - I think we succeeded with that.


In her words...

..."Oh my gosh, love, love, love the logo. Thanks SO much!!!!!"

Do you think she likes it?

If you're in Pennsylvania and looking for a photographer, look Michelle up and give her a call!

Michelle...just wanted to say thanks for giving me a shot in doing your logo design.
It was fun! Good luck with your biz!

Who needs a TWEAK?

What's a logo tweak?

Several people have contacted me to design a logo for them for full price, but in reality, they already have one or more ideas they liked from playing themselves - but the designs just weren't quite "there".

Some of my clients already have a logo that they love, but it needs to be "freshened up" a bit. Sometimes all that's needed is a fresh pair of eyes and a bit of tweaking to make the logo design perfect and so I've added the "logo tweak" to the services I offer.

logo tweak ~ $60

Need an example of what I'm talking about?

Kristin had her logo in mind, but wasn't sure it was "complete". She was thinking it needed something, just wasn't sure what.

What she had to begin with:Not bad and could have been used as is, but it needed some tweaking to make it perfect.

And with some minor adjustments:
That's a tweak, nothing major, just enough to give it some "pop"!