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Okay, so I wouldn't use these for client's photos without seeing the quality first, but wanted to let you all know about this new printing company. It's called Artscow. They offer 4x6 prints for $.06 and 5x7 for $.12, plus when you sign up with them, you receive a code for 200 4x6 prints and 2oo 5x7 prints for free, as well as an 8x8 book. Perfect pricing for your own personal prints...great for scrap-booking or giving to family members. They also have watches, mousepads, buttons, magnets, mugs, etc. And hey, what's better then free stuff, right???? So, what are you waiting for? Go sign up and get your FREE prints!

Seeing spots...

and stripes with this fun and funky card that can be used for pretty much anything. Birthdays. Holidays. Thank You's. Party Invites. You name it, it's called being versatile.

Colors of the stripes and borders can be changed. You can have all stripes, all spots, grunge only, mix and match, your choice! How cool is that?

Swept Up Logos

Yes, I've been very busy lately working on logos, among other things, and yes, my waiting list seems to be growing by the minute. I'm still accepting new clients for design work, but if you don't feel you can wait, I might just have a solution for you...

As you know, it usually takes more than one try to get a logo perfect and ready to go for a client. Along the way, many great design concepts are cut to the design room floor. Well, I've swept up those logos and decided to try to find them a home. The solution, the Swept Up Logo Center - providing quality logo designs to those who need them quickly! Does this mean that everyone will have the same logo as you...no, it simply means that if you like any of the logo designs in the collection of Swept Up Logos, then you can purchase it. The logo then becomes unavailable to anyone else. I will then customize the logo with your business name and change the colors to suit your needs. (No other changes will be made to the design.)

Swept Up Logos are available for only $80.
Click here for more information!

a design for brown...

Melissa Brown, of Springfield, Illinois, contacted me about designing her logo. She was looking for a logo that was appealing to both young and old alike. Something that was simple enough to use on everything. She also requested a coordinating watermark for her photos and back of cards. Here is the design we finalized last night...

I used brown to play off of her last name and her favorite color is blue, so we had to add it into the mix. The best thing is that this logo has a variety of simple variations that she can use depending on the promotional piece she's using it on.

Could it be Gold?

Nah, but it is some beautiful jewelry! I was thrilled when I was asked to work with Kimberly Smoot Photography to create a logo, business cards and website for this wonderful company.
Elizabeth and Victoria sell beautiful jewelry and accessories with a portion of proceeds going to the Children's Miracle Network.

The website is designed to compliment her business cards. It displays her jewelry and accessories on a crisp, white background with gorgeous hot pink accents.

We've even set up a blog with a header that mirrors the website design.
If you're looking for a great gift idea, check out All That Glimmers!


Natalie of Milano Photography is really fine tuning her business. Earlier this year we did a redesign on her logo to more suit the direction she was heading with her business. Now she is taking a new turn on her style and focusing on "turning a moment of time into art for life."

Here's a 2-sided promo postcard that she will be setting out at a local doctor's office.
With a new logo, we couldn't very well keep with the same ol' business cards, so we had to revamp them to fit her new style as well. This first card we had printed on pearl stock which gives it a warm, shimmery look - BEAUTIFUL!
. . . . . . . .

The other card we did we printed on linen - also beautiful. Isn't this little girl so pretty in pink?

Overflowing with LOGOS!

Jill contacted me a couple weeks ago to design a logo for her business. Her company, Creative Touch, specializes in invitations, handmade cards, and other unique items...each item customized just for you! Jill was looking for a logo that was as creative and unique as the cards she makes.

Heidi is Jill's daughter's dance instructor. Jill referred Heidi to me to update their dance studio's logo. Heidi was looking for a logo that was a bit more current and something that the boys in the classes wouldn't mind wearing on a t-shirt.

Kevin was looking for a logo to bring their radio station a bit more current. With some great ideas and input from him, we were able to accomplish the task!

Are you in need of a logo?

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Instead of the $160 it normally costs, for a limited time I will be designing logos for only $100.

Same designs, less money...what more could you ask for?