Wishing you more...

than the Twelve Days of Christmas has to offer!

The 12 Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser
Seriously, if you haven't heard these guys, you should check them out. They're awesome!

Something WICKED this way comes...

and it's a WICKED sale! (that is now over...sorry, you missed this one, but check back often to catch the next sale!)

The ghouls and goblins have been hard at work...okay, this goblin has been hard at work at least.... Want to check out what treats are in store for you? Stop on over to the designs page on my site and check it out! You'll find WICKED low prices on logo designs, blog set up, header designs...including flash headers

It's getting Spookley...I mean spooky...around here!

. . . . .

In honor of one of my daughter's favorite Halloween cartoons, Spookley the Square Pumpkin, here's a 5x7 card template full of square pumpkins.

This card would normally only be available for purchase, but it will be available for a limited time only, for FREE. Download it now, because when this offer is over, it will be gone forever! Mwwaaaahaaaaahaaaaaahaaaa...okay, well maybe not forever, but it won't be available for free anymore.

Feel free to use this card for your friends, family and clients, but do not sell the template as your own. Thanks.

A Knight To Further His Kingdom...

Gayle contacted me about designing a logo for their school's annual auction. Here's the final logo for this year's auction...

PSA...Back-up and Protect!

So, if some of you are wondering where I've been, why I haven't been returning e-mails and where your designs are, I've just spent many, MANY, many hours reformatting my computer and reinstalling EVERYTHING on to it...BLAH!

I wasn't using a current Anti-Virus program (shame on me) and I found out the hard way why you should keep those programs current and updated. I'm VERY thankful that 99.8% of my work was completely backed up onto an external so I didn't lose anything major, other than very precious time.

So, my Public Service Announcement to you is two-fold.
#1 - Make sure you're using a good Anti-Virus program and keep it updated, and
#2 - Be sure to always back up your work on a regular basis...just in case!

Bubblegum, bubblegum, in a dish...

...how many pieces do you wish? Doesn't this logo take you back to your childhood?

Smile a little - logo adjustment

Something New Is Coming!

Want to know how to make this

look like this

or even this?

Then you might be interested in an online Photoshop* course I'm offering. This seven part course will help you achieve the look you want in your photos, from teaching you the basics to creating your processing workflow.

Sound like something you're interested in? Leave a comment, let me know!

Keep watching the blog for more details!

*Course is not yet available for PSE...but it is in the works.

One, Two...

more logos for you...hee hee! Okay, perhaps a bit too much Sesame Street in the mornings, huh. Gotta love the Count, right? Well, moving on...I got a couple more logos done and thought I'd share them with you.

Maria of Cucamonga, CA contacted me about designing a logo for her Spray Tanning business...hmm, the luxury of a tan without having to sit out in the sun...nice! She wanted a scripty font and earthy colors...

Malisa, on the other hand, was looking for a clean logo with a splash of fun.

Maria and Malisa - I enjoyed working with both of you on your business logos.
I wish you much luck with everything you do...hope to work with you guys in the future!

There's a light at the end of this tunnel...

and I can finally see it! I've been swamped with design work lately...and no, I'm not complaining at all, but it feels good to be seeing the light again.

This logo is one of the latest of many that I've been working on.

If you happen to live around the Gardendale, Alabama area and are looking for someone to photograph your wedding or your family, you should give Lauren a call! 205.746.6419

Lauren - I wish you the best of luck with your business.
Thanks for allowing me to work with you on your logo!

in a FLASH...

...what can you do in a flash?
You can be there...you can run by...you can leave...well
now you can show off some of your work in your Blogger blog header...
...in a F-L-A-S-H blog header!

After several months of working around with the CSS code from blogger, I've finally figured out how to get a flash banner to work...and let me tell you, it was so worth it.

For the time being, I will be offering blogger blog design with a flash header for $70*

So many people want a blog that stands out from all the plain blogger templates that are offered, but don't have the time or the patience to figure out how to customize things on blogger...if that sounds like you, then let me customize your blog for you. Backgrounds, flash photo blog header, menu bar, links, colors, etc.

If you only want your header designed, for use on a different type of blog, I can design a Flash header to your size specifications for only $40.

ou must have a place to upload the blog header .swf file to - such as your own website or other online storage space - and be able to link to it. If you need for me to host it on my own site, you will be charged $12/year for me to host it.

a ROCKIN' new blog

Just wanted to post a rockin' picture to kick off my rockin' new blog design!

Have a ROCKIN' day!

A Beautiful Logo...

for a beautiful mansion.

The Stinchcomb Mansion and Victorian Gardens, located near Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a beautiful location for indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions...and now they have a beautiful logo to compliment their surroundings.

INCREDIBLE invitations...

Make this year's party invitation themed after your favorite super hero!

This boy loves the Incredible Hulk and had a super hero themed party, so this custom designed invite fit the bill perfectly.

A Couple Recent Logos

Andrea picked out one of the Swept Up Logos and it was quickly customized to be her own.

Rachael was looking for something a bit more custom...a logo that was elegant with a hint of vintage.


Andrea and Rachael - Thanks for allowing me to work with you on your logos.
You were both a pleasure to work with, I hope we can work together again in the future.

Logo Sale Ending Soon...

A logo represents YOUR business to your current and potential clients. You need a logo that represents you, one that you love...I can work with you to design just that, a logo that's all about YOU! Are you on the fence about if right now is the right time to get a new logo? Well, it is the right time because the Logo Design sale and Swept Up Logo sale will be ending on Monday night, July 21st.
If you sign up before Monday night, you will still receive the custom Logo Design at $100 (regularly $160) and a Swept Up Logo is only $60 (regularly $80).
So, if you're wanting to get in on this sale, you better act now!

For those of you on a forum that have friends who might be interested, let them know that this sale will be ending soon as well.

What's it all about?

Making sure your information is easily available to your target market...business cards, web presence, advertising, postcards, brochures.

How are you getting your name out there?

ad design

front of business cards

back of business cards


My birthday may be over (thank goodness!), but the Logo Design SALE is still going on!
Have you been wishing you had an AWESOME logo to put on your
business cards, blog or website? With this sale, you have NO EXCUSES!
You can get a
CUSTOM designed logo for only $100!

Here's another recent logo design, this one was for Kelly Armentrout...

...it ROCKS, huh! Now are you ready for a logo?

Well, what are you waiting for?

How to participate in this sale? Go to my website and click on "Add to Cart" under the Logo Design section. This will take you paypal so that you can send payment. Once payment is received, you will receive a link to a questionnaire that will help me design your logo. I will also let you know the "time frame" for your logo design. Logos are designed on a first pay basis. I limit myself to actively working on two logos at a time. (If you want to check on the time status prior to paying for your logo, please feel free to e-mail me at tlr.designer(at)gmail.com about it or any other questions you might have.)

A few more recent designs...

I've been keeping quite busy lately, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!

Julie and Debbie - Thanks so much for allowing me to work with you on your logos.
You were both great to work with! I wish you both luck in all you do!

Blogger Designs

So many people want a blog that stands out from all the plain templates, but don't have the time or the patience to figure out how to customize things on blogger...if that sounds like you, then let me customize your blog for you. For a short time, I will be offering Blogger blog set-up and design at a discount. Backgrounds, blog headers, links, colors, etc. (This service is only for Blogger blogs. Logo design is not included in this service.)

Here are a couple samples of custom blogs:

Jordan's blog uses a design that she found on istock or dreamstime. The design was rearranged and customized to fit the needs of her blog. I also designed a coordinating blog header to go with her new blog design.



Both of Natalie's blogs use a background that was customized with the flourishes and colors from her logo. The second blog (bottom) also has a custom e-mail link. Both blogs have a custom header featuring her logo and photos.

If you're interested in having your blog customized as well, click here!

Work From Down Under

Nils contacted me to design a logo for his photography business. He was looking for a logo that is elegant, simple, vintage, but still clean.

If you're looking for someone to capture the perfect image of your family or kids and you're in the North Perth area, be sure to check out Fig Tree Photography.

Nils - You were awesome to work with. I hope we can
work together again. Good luck with your business!


Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be out of town (with limited internet access) until Monday, June 30, so I will be returning e-mails and calls at that time. Sorry for any convenience this may be causing, but a girl's gotta get away sometime, right? Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Say it in an ad!

How are you getting your business name out there?

Advertising in the newspaper, magazines, local booklets, and online keep your name in the public eye.
Need an ad designed for your business? Let me know!

Logo Design Sale...

Okay, so this weekend (the 22nd) is my BIRTHDAY...I won't be disclosing the years though...but in celebration of, well, me, I'm having a Logo Design SALE!
How long have you been needing a CUSTOM designed logo for your business?
Now's your chance! You can get a logo for only $100!

One I just finished for Nicole Matthews...

...isn't it the COOLEST! Now you want one too, don't you?

Well, what are you waiting for?
This sale doesn't have a specific end date, but won't be running too long!

How to participate in this sale? Go to my logo info and click on "Add to Cart" under the Logo Design section. This will take you paypal so that you can send payment. Once payment is received, you will receive a link to a questionnaire that will help me design your logo. I will also let you know the "time frame" for your logo design. Logos are designed on a first pay basis. I limit myself to actively working on two logos at a time. (If you want to check on the time status prior to paying for your logo, please feel free to e-mail me at tlr.designer(at)gmail.com about it or any other questions you might have.

beautiful . captivating . . . .

Okema Clare contacted me about one of the logos in the Swept Up Logo Gallery. Adding her business name and a slight tweak of the colors and waa-laa...

This logo fit her to a tee! Looking for a logo for your business? Why not check out the Swept Up Logo Gallery? These are logos that were custom designed for other clients, but weren't used. Get your own, unique logo at a fraction of the time and cost. (Once a logo is sold, it is no longer available, so you still have a unique logo.)

Okema - It was great working with you. Good luck with your business!

How fun is this?

Michelle contacted me to design her logo while I was feeling quite under the weather with bronchitis, but she stuck it out and, even though we switched it all up mid-way through the process, she ended up with a rockin', fun logo!

If you're in the Scotts Valley, California area and looking for someone to do your family portraits give Michelle Riddle a call at 831-420-0611!

Michelle - thanks for working with me through my illness. I appreciate your patience. You were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Good luck!

The Sweetest Days are the Best Days!

Val was looking for a logo design that would work in two ways, as the entire The Sweetest Days Photography and as TSD Photography. With the TSD block, we accomplished that. She wanted a logo that looked elegant, but not too frilly; upscale, but not stuffy.

If you're in Griswold, Connecticut and looking for a photographer for your wedding or maternity photos, give Val a call at 860.376.5566! She will be sure to capture your Sweetest Days!

Val - thanks for letting me be a part of your logo design.
I wish you all the best with your business!

Oh Boy Photography Logo Concepts


How fun is that to say?
Chell contacted me about designing a logo for her. She wanted a logo that was somewhere between fun and funky and clean and simple. It also needed to have bold color and something that she could use as a watermark for her photos.

If you're in Collegeville, PA and looking for a photographer, look up Michelle Leighton or call her at 610.650.8477. I have no doubt you won't be disappointed!

Chell - It was a pleasure working with you on your logo. I wish you luck in all you do!

Repeat Clients are the Best!

Sandy has been a busy lady. Apart from her photography under All About Me Photography, she's also expanding and needed a logo to cover the other avenues of her photography. That's where this new Sandy Allen Photography logo will come into play.

If you're in the Austin Texas area and looking for a photographer,
give Sandy a call at (512) 394-4530!

This Swept Up Logo found a home!

Stacey Cordes claimed this Swept Up Logo for her own and they are working along together well.
If you're in need of a logo check out our Swept Up Logos, perhaps one of them has your name on it! (New designs have been added!)

Better than a string on your finger...

a magnet is the perfect way to remind someone of something...a special date, an upcoming event, your business information, you name it!

Fresh and Fun

Patty contacted me the other day to design her photography logo and a watermark to match it. She was looking for something that was fresh and fun; something that didn't have tons of flourish or floral; Something simple but with a touch of vintage to it.

The bright colors in her logo are very fresh and fun and the distressed font gives the simple layout just the right amount of vintage.

watermarkIf you happen to be in the Round Hill Virginia area, give Patty a call at 540.554.8743 for your family's photography needs.

Patty - it was a pleasure working with you on your logo.
Good luck with your business, I wish you much success!

Want FREE Stuff?

Okay, so I wouldn't use these for client's photos without seeing the quality first, but wanted to let you all know about this new printing company. It's called Artscow. They offer 4x6 prints for $.06 and 5x7 for $.12, plus when you sign up with them, you receive a code for 200 4x6 prints and 2oo 5x7 prints for free, as well as an 8x8 book. Perfect pricing for your own personal prints...great for scrap-booking or giving to family members. They also have watches, mousepads, buttons, magnets, mugs, etc. And hey, what's better then free stuff, right???? So, what are you waiting for? Go sign up and get your FREE prints!

Seeing spots...

and stripes with this fun and funky card that can be used for pretty much anything. Birthdays. Holidays. Thank You's. Party Invites. You name it, it's called being versatile.

Colors of the stripes and borders can be changed. You can have all stripes, all spots, grunge only, mix and match, your choice! How cool is that?

Swept Up Logos

Yes, I've been very busy lately working on logos, among other things, and yes, my waiting list seems to be growing by the minute. I'm still accepting new clients for design work, but if you don't feel you can wait, I might just have a solution for you...

As you know, it usually takes more than one try to get a logo perfect and ready to go for a client. Along the way, many great design concepts are cut to the design room floor. Well, I've swept up those logos and decided to try to find them a home. The solution, the Swept Up Logo Center - providing quality logo designs to those who need them quickly! Does this mean that everyone will have the same logo as you...no, it simply means that if you like any of the logo designs in the collection of Swept Up Logos, then you can purchase it. The logo then becomes unavailable to anyone else. I will then customize the logo with your business name and change the colors to suit your needs. (No other changes will be made to the design.)

Swept Up Logos are available for only $80.
Click here for more information!

a design for brown...

Melissa Brown, of Springfield, Illinois, contacted me about designing her logo. She was looking for a logo that was appealing to both young and old alike. Something that was simple enough to use on everything. She also requested a coordinating watermark for her photos and back of cards. Here is the design we finalized last night...

I used brown to play off of her last name and her favorite color is blue, so we had to add it into the mix. The best thing is that this logo has a variety of simple variations that she can use depending on the promotional piece she's using it on.

Could it be Gold?

Nah, but it is some beautiful jewelry! I was thrilled when I was asked to work with Kimberly Smoot Photography to create a logo, business cards and website for this wonderful company.
Elizabeth and Victoria sell beautiful jewelry and accessories with a portion of proceeds going to the Children's Miracle Network.

The website is designed to compliment her business cards. It displays her jewelry and accessories on a crisp, white background with gorgeous hot pink accents.

We've even set up a blog with a header that mirrors the website design.
If you're looking for a great gift idea, check out All That Glimmers!