Logo Design...with style.

Artist Kelie Myers, of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, found her business logo in the Swept Up Logo gallery. Not only did she get a discounted price on her logo, she also received her logo the same day she picked it out...how's that for fast turn around?
Check Kelie's art and jewelry out online at www.kelie.net or on facebook.

Kelie - Thanks for allowing me to work with you on your logo design. Your artwork and jewelry are
gorgeous. I wish you all the best with your business and hope we can work together again sometime.


Need a way to share files between your work pc, home pc, and laptop? Need to send files to clients but they're too large to e-mail? Want to share photos with family members? Need a quick way to share music with friends?

is the answer!

Personally, I've used Dropbox since early 2010. I can upload files for my clients to Dropbox, send them the download link via e-mail, and that's it. No more worrying about if the file is to large for me to send or them to receive. I have created "private" folders that I share with specific friends or family members to share photos  and documents back and forth - now I don't have to create cds to send to people. I also have a folder that I use as an online back-up, just in case my two external hard drives would happen to fail, I've got my working files in one other location. All that versatility, and it's completely free!

So, what are you waiting for?

Use this LINK to sign-up, download and install Dropbox and we'll both get an extra 250mb, with a max of 8GB, of storage all for FREE.