Obviously, I wouldn't be anything without my clients, so a big "thank you" goes out to each and every one of them. A few of them took the time to send me a small note of appreciation that I thought I would share with you all.

And again . . . thank YOU!

I know is sounds overblown to say that a logo has changed my business, but….oh my goodness.

This logo is
perfect. So many people equate country with “hokey”, but you didn’t. My logo is elegant and professional all while capturing the fresh, rustic, country feel of my work. My clients love it and people are taking my work more seriously with this logo on it. I have had so many people tell me that my work has improved…and while I hope that it has, I started hearing this more often after I began incorporating your logo into my work.

Thank you so much!!
Jennifer, Warthan Farms Photography

Trisha [of Orange Gecko Designs] is a creative, out-of-the-box designer who's work really stands out. She produces unique, distinctive logos that truly capture the spirit of the client. And with a majority of her clients also in creative fields - she never fails to exceed. Her work translates so well between print pieces and web placement - its rare to find someone skilled in both mediums.

In these days of crowd-sourcing design work, it is sometimes forgotten what a joy it can be to work one-on-one with a creative designer committed to capturing exactly what you need for a complete business presence. Highly recommend!
Phillip Barnhart, Austin

I just wanted to add that I love my logo and Trish was so easy to work with through some indecisive moments on my part. Thanks Trisha
Nicole M., Simply Little Photography

Thanks so much Trisha! I just have to say, that Trisha has been the best to work with! I highly recommend her to any of you that need help with graphic design. She is well worth it! She is very fast and knew exactly what I wanted just from a couple of things I told her. SO THANK YOU TRISHA!
Kelly Prior

We just got our copies of the Kids Directory and
the ad looks fabulous! I think it is the best ad yet.
Jim and Annette G., Owners of Lil Princess Wishes

Trisha Robertson designed a logo for me that fit my personality to the tee! She listened to what my ideas were, what colors I liked and quickly gave me several options from which to choose. I love my logo!
Debbie Linkous

I never knew the color in my photos could look better than what I was doing on my own. It [Color Pop Action] really makes my colors POP without giving any weird tones to my photos like some other actions I've purchased. Thanks!!!!!
Sammy C. - Nebraska

...I use the hi-c black & white action on the majority of my pictures and cannot believe how awesome it looks! The contrast is PERFECT and my clients LOVE the effect! I'll never use another b&w action again! Thanks Trisha!
Angie S. - Iowa

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