...but what do idesign?

logo design ~ $160
Your logo may be one of the most important things to establish when you're starting a business. Your logo is the way that people recognize you, your business, and your work. It should be something that you like, that fits your style, not something that you change with every season, and not something that looks exactly like everyone else's logo. That's why I only charge a set fee, instead of by time...and no "hidden" fees by showing you only a few concepts, allowing you a couple revisions and then charging for additional revisions to your logo design. If needed, I can even incorporate a watermark of your logo for you to use as a "brush" in PhotoShop for no extra charge.**
~ view some of my logo design work ~

logo tweak ~ $75
Several people have contacted me to design a logo for them, but in reality, they already have one or more concepts designed from playing themselves. I've even had a few people who have a logo that they love, but it needs to be "freshened up". All that's needed is a fresh pair of eyes and a bit of tweaking to make the logo design perfect and so we now have a "logo tweak"**.
**(This discounted charge is subject to change if the tweaking turns into a complete redesign.) ~ view logo tweak examples ~

swept up logos ~ $80
Yes, I've been very busy lately working on logos, among other things, and yes, my waiting list seems to be growing by the minute. I'm still accepting new clients for design work, but if you don't feel you can wait, I might just have a solution for you...a swept up logo!**

What is a swept up logo? As you may or may not know, it usually takes more than one try to get a logo perfect and ready to go for a client. Along the way, many great design concepts are cut to the design room floor. Well, I've "swept up" those logos and decided to find them a home. The solution, the Swept Up Logo Center - providing quality logo designs to those who need them quickly! Does this mean that everyone will have the same logo as, it simply means that if you like any of the logo designs in the collection of Swept Up Logos, then you can purchase it. The logo then becomes unavailable to anyone else. I will then customize the logo with your business name and change the colors to suit your needs.
**(Additional changes are not included will add between $5 and $15 to the cost, depending on the changes requested.)

~ view the swept up logo center ~

Logo Design Options
If buying a SUL, which design?

How better to show off your new logo than to coordinate your printed business pieces with your logo and matching colors and designs. (Logo design is not included in the prices for the items listed below.)

business card design ~ $80

letterhead design ~ $80

envelope design ~ $80

brochure design ~ $120

postcard design ~ $100

custom ad design ~ $80/hour (minimum 1 hour)

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Combo Packages: (Logo design is not included in the prices for the items listed below.)

just getting started ~ $130 ~ Includes business card and letterhead design.

workin' it ~ $190 ~ Includes business card, letterhead and envelope design

go big ~ $280 ~ Includes business card, letterhead, envelope and tri-fold brochure design.

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The fees above are for design only. You will receive the finished design file as a high-resolution .jpg file, ready for printing.

~ All other design work will be quoted at the rate of $80/hour (minimum of 1 hour). Please e-mail me for a quote ~

Payments are accepted via PayPal or check (payable to Trisha Robertson). Payment is due prior to the start of the design process unless other payment arrangements have been made. For clients paying with check, design work will begin once the check has cleared.

The small print:

With my logo designs, you receive all rights to your logo to use it for any purpose you need in any way you need.

I retain the rights to display your logo for advertising and portfolio work purposes.

I also retain the right to use any of the logo designs that were not chosen in my swept up logo gallery or any other way that I feel fit.