Isn't it about time?

Natalie has branded her photography business with a classic Roman clock to let you know that she wants to Capture your moment of time forever! Her logo and Roman clock beautifully decorate her business cards, letterhead, blog and soon her website too.

If you're in the Riverside, California area, call Natalie at Milano Photography at 951.850.5106 to schedule your session.

Eye Catching Biz Card!

These new, full-color, two-sided business cards ought to catch the eye of anyone looking for a flower arrangement as bright and vibrant as her new cards.

If you're in the Springfield area, be sure to give her a call for all your floral needs!


Shirley Bruner, floral designer

(217) 698-8660

Good luck with your new business Shirley!

Capture your 'tender moments' in Nevada

Are you in the Nevada and looking for a photographer? Turn your tender moments into a lifetime of memories!

Call Keri Lawson at Tender Moments Photography: 775-246-7060

Postcards are in!

Want to reach your target market fast? Let them know what's going on by sending a postcard to everyone on your mailing list.

Phillip, publisher of the Southern Idaho Home & Garden Directory and the Southern Idaho Kids Directory, will be mailing these postcards to all the area businesses that fall under the home and garden category as potential advertisers. The remainder of the cards, he will be able to hand out to potential clients as well as leaving some available for picking-up at area businesses.