Swept Up Logos

Yes, I've been very busy lately working on logos, among other things, and yes, my waiting list seems to be growing by the minute. I'm still accepting new clients for design work, but if you don't feel you can wait, I might just have a solution for you...

As you know, it usually takes more than one try to get a logo perfect and ready to go for a client. Along the way, many great design concepts are cut to the design room floor. Well, I've swept up those logos and decided to try to find them a home. The solution, the Swept Up Logo Center - providing quality logo designs to those who need them quickly! Does this mean that everyone will have the same logo as you...no, it simply means that if you like any of the logo designs in the collection of Swept Up Logos, then you can purchase it. The logo then becomes unavailable to anyone else. I will then customize the logo with your business name and change the colors to suit your needs. (No other changes will be made to the design.)

Swept Up Logos are available for only $80.
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