Blogger Designs

So many people want a blog that stands out from all the plain templates, but don't have the time or the patience to figure out how to customize things on blogger...if that sounds like you, then let me customize your blog for you. For a short time, I will be offering Blogger blog set-up and design at a discount. Backgrounds, blog headers, links, colors, etc. (This service is only for Blogger blogs. Logo design is not included in this service.)

Here are a couple samples of custom blogs:

Jordan's blog uses a design that she found on istock or dreamstime. The design was rearranged and customized to fit the needs of her blog. I also designed a coordinating blog header to go with her new blog design.

Both of Natalie's blogs use a background that was customized with the flourishes and colors from her logo. The second blog (bottom) also has a custom e-mail link. Both blogs have a custom header featuring her logo and photos.

If you're interested in having your blog customized as well, click here!