YAY for me...and you!

The site move/update/clean-up is DONE! Did you hear my huge sigh of relief?

The site is now up and running (hopefully smoothly!)

Thanks to all of you for your patience during all of this!

As a token of my appreciation, I've got a special offer (good for three days only) for everyone...
Sorry, this offer has ended. Please check back soon
to see any new discounts or contests.

...and for the cherry on top...

I will take the names of everyone who took part in this special offer and one person will win the entire kit and caboodle (and their money back)...yes, that's right, every action, all the storyboards, the border sets, and the holiday 2007 card templates! What more could you ask for???

This purchase is limited to one "complete" purchase per person - no signing up to buy each item separately to raise the number of buyers. Discount not valid on the purchase of printed items. This offer ends at 6pm central time on Friday, September 14th. (To make it easier to keep track of how many we have taking part in this offer, please enter your name in the comments below, even if you e-mail your request or purchase online.) Discount Code:OGD-YAY