Action Group Buy

Okay, my new action sets are done and have been tested by several helpful people (Thanks you guys!). I can now offer many of my actions for PSE5 and PSE6 users as well as those of you with CS, CS2 or CS3. What does that mean? That means it's time to celebrate with an

Action Group Buy!

Here's the deals you can get from now until Monday,3/10/08*:
  • $5 off any action set for participants 1-10* (11-20 participants, the discount becomes $8 off any action set!*)
  • Buy Two, Get One Free on all individual actions (for the first 10 buyers. The discount becomes Buy One, Get One FREE if 11+ people take part in this sale!)
  • $50 off the "I Deserve It All" Set of all 46 actions

This Group Buy will run from Wednesday, March 5 until Monday, March 10. If you’re interested in participating, add your name to the list on 2Peas and what you’re interested in (be sure to include your e-mail address). On Tuesday, March 11, I will send your invoice out from PayPal with the amount due according to the number of participants and your order. Once payment is received, the actions will be sent out to each buyer.

*If 20 people take part in the action set sale, the discount will get even higher. I'll post more details if we hit the 20 person mark on one of the offers. CODE: action-group03

Please note, not all actions are available for PSE users, please ask if you're unsure. Due to the nature of the product, refunds are not available.

PS - Keep your eye on this blog - subscribe in the upper right corner if you have to - we will be having another group buy on Templates in the coming weeks! You don't want to miss out! Also, are you looking for a new logo? If so, we're having a Spring Sale - logo design is $60 off!