Who needs a TWEAK?

What's a logo tweak?

Several people have contacted me to design a logo for them for full price, but in reality, they already have one or more ideas they liked from playing themselves - but the designs just weren't quite "there".

Some of my clients already have a logo that they love, but it needs to be "freshened up" a bit. Sometimes all that's needed is a fresh pair of eyes and a bit of tweaking to make the logo design perfect and so I've added the "logo tweak" to the services I offer.

logo tweak ~ $60

Need an example of what I'm talking about?

Kristin had her logo in mind, but wasn't sure it was "complete". She was thinking it needed something, just wasn't sure what.

What she had to begin with:Not bad and could have been used as is, but it needed some tweaking to make it perfect.

And with some minor adjustments:
That's a tweak, nothing major, just enough to give it some "pop"!