Orton is now an ACTION!

There was an amazing article in Popular Photography several months back about a photographer named Michael Orton. His beautiful photographs that were shown with the article were unbelieveable. The photos were almost like a painting...ethereal and romantic. The article explained how he created these artistic photographs in an easy, step-by-step process...easy, that is, if you use slide film.

What if, with your digital camera, you want to create these artistic images, images that go beyond being a document of nature, images that seem to express mood and emotion?

Well, you can use the trial and error approach and try to figure out how to combine all your digital images into one and achive the same look, or you can try my Orton Technique action for Photoshop, romance.



For a sample of Michael Orton's work, visit here: http://www.michaelorton.com/stock.html