April's Client of the month is...

drum-roll please...

Lil Princess Wishes in Springfield, Illinois.

I have been working with Jim and Annette since September 2006, starting with their ads in the Springfield Kid's Directory. Since then I've designed their website, business cards, advertisements for other print pieces, and am just finishing up a redesign on their logo and brochure.
Jim & Annette are great people to work with and their store is very cool and very fun for "princesses" of ALL ages!

Lil Princess Wishes is "Springfield's coolest place for girls!" They offer themed parties, glam makovers, gifts, home decor, a kids furniture line and so much more. This shop is fun for girls of all ages. Walk in Glam Makeovers are welcome!

If you're in the Springfield area, stop in and check them out...you won't be sorry that you did!

They are located in Montvale Plaze, 2205 W. Wabash Ave
Phone: 217-787-8814

(Sorry Jim & Annette, no prize for being the Featured Client,
just a great big pat on the back for being so awesome to work with!)